Homosexuality and India

glitter-heart-colors-rainbow-lgbt-symbol-isolated-white-background-vector-illustration-85930194India is a country which believes in equality in every sections of the society. The extraordinary society treats every single human as a family and not as an individual. The phenomenon of individualism does not rise its head in India. India accepts all human beings despite their color, creed, race, religion, and educational status. People as a whole believes in equality and stands for it.

A country with a beautiful heart, ain’t it?

This country changes it’s color when it comes to homosexuality. Being a homosexual is a sin in the eyes of the Indian society and a crime in the eyes of Indian law. Society cannot be blamed when the law itself punishes people for revealing their sexuality. Once India fought together against discrimination and inequality. Now India is discriminating homosexuals and denying them their rights as a human and as an individual. More than 2.5 million homosexuals are recorded in India. The number would be higher if the others didn’t conceal their identity.

Homosexuals tend to hide their sexuality fearing the discrimination and negligence that they will face in the society. Homosexuality as a  topic is rarely raised in India for discussions. This shows the extend of negligence prevailing in the society. They are denied jobs in various sectors and are subjected to oppression to a greater level. Indian cinema also tends to mock homosexuality. Homosexuality is made fun off in a large number of movies and conveys wrong messages. Children find it funny and teases their friends and others by calling them gay. What they don’t understand is that being a gay is not something that is to be laughed at.

Homosexuals are subjected to various kinds of assaults like the other genders. Transgenders face so much difficulty in their life. Assaults against them are not taken seriously in most of the cases and the police refuses to record them. Young children are guided against LGBT and teaches them to discriminate them.

The one fact that the Indian society is unaware of is that homosexuals are stronger together and they can fight against all the obstacles before them. What they need is a bit support from the society. Instead of guiding our kids against them, teach them to support them. Instead of mocking a person’s sexuality in movies, include LGBT characters and covey right messages; teach the society to support them. Instead of punishing them, change the laws. Every person should be treated equal.

India is racing towards development. The real development happens when the citizens of the country join their hands and walks together despite their identity.


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