Scar #1

It all started with that smile. That one irresistible smile! 

He took me to the peak of a mountain. A mountain of happiness filled with love and madness. I was blindfolded. I couldn’t see anything other than his love. Did I know I was losing my grip little by little. 

I lived two different lives; a lonely little girl at home, and a happy kid at school. I had everything a teenage girl needed except happiness and peace. Then came the infectious smile and gave those oblivious emotions to me. I grabbed it from him like a child grabs a toffee from a stranger. And before I knew, I was drugged with his sweet toffee of love. 

I too had a dream like every other girl. My first kiss! I wanted my first kiss to be special. I wanted to feel the whole zoo under my stomach when his lips touches mine. I dreamt of him looking into my eyes and whispering how lucky he’s to have me. Alas, this was just my tiny deams and it remained the same. 

One day he kissed me. At that moment, nothing was perfect. His touch felt like the thorns of a rose. Those thorns were hurting me as his hands travelled from my face to my breasts. I tried to stop him, I did. He didn’t stop. He ripped my clothes off. I saw him smiling staring at my body. His smile wasn’t infectious anymore. This time it was sinister; demonic. I felt my strength draining away from me. I felt like a caged bird wishing to fly away. 

I was wearing a red underwear. Red, the color of strength yet I was weak. He pulled it off from my body. It felt like he’s pulling my spirit out. He wickedly smiled seeing my small lotus bud hidden in my dense forest. She wished to be touched. She wished to be kissed. She wanted to float on the water of desire.

His fingers slid down my stomach finding it’s way through my thick forest. His eyes were filled with joy and mine with despair. He found a tender lotus bud inside. His cruel fingers cut open the petals mercilessly. He devilishly smiled again. I saw a Satan on top of me. He pushed his body against mine and my body burned in his heat. His corpse flower found its way into my stigma and he trembled with pleasure. 

Finally, he let his lust pour on my body. 

4 thoughts on “Scar #1

  1. I sincerely hope that its product of your imagination and you not a victim,just trying to feel their pain. I can’t bear it when I try to feel, I understand how much awful it would be for real victims.
    Your writing sent shivers through me,I seriously hope its fiction.


      1. I am sorry,I don’t think its the right word which I should have said.People like you are inspiration to people who end their lives on small issues,generally teenagers and young people. I try to sew my dreaded feelings in writings,writing anonymous helps to relive some pain,its better than living under burden.May you feel lighthearted after expressing.More power to you.


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